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Why bring Scandi to Suffolk?

In a word: balance...

Every year a World Happiness Report is published, and every year the countries that make up Scandinavia, or the Nordic countries (Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and also Finland and Iceland), are in the consistently ranked towards the top of the list. Looking at this year's report, which is based on a three-year average (2019-2022), and the ranking, from 146 countries is:

  1. Finland (ranked 1st)

  2. Denmark (ranked 2nd)

  3. Iceland (ranked 3rd)

  4. Sweden (ranked 7th)

  5. Norway (ranked 8th)

So, why are Scandinavians so happy?

Clues can be found in their language - there are words for concepts and ideas that we just don't have in the UK - here are a few examples:

Hygge (hue-gah)

A sense of cozy togetherness or feeling content with the present moment. Finding joy in the simple things: coffee, friends, ready a book by a fire on a cold winter night.

Lagum (law-gum)

Balance. Achieving balance in all things from work/play or time spent with others/alone. Balance is also achieved in interior design in Scandinavian homes and work places.

Fika (fee-ka)

Making time for friends and colleagues, sharing a cup of coffee and a little something to eat. A time to reset the mind and be productive throughout the day, allowing us to feel better and be more efficient and purposeful.

Milk Shed Cafe's co-founder and owner, Scott worked in Scandinavia for 20 years and together with wife Clare wanted to bring some of that balance and feeling to Suffolk. As Scott says:

"The Nordic way of life just makes sense: shorter working days, longer holidays, time to relax and a focus on wellbeing. We wanted to share those qualities with our home town. We source the best, seasonal ingredients and speciality locally-roasted coffee for the Milk Shed so that you can experience that lykke too."

Lykke (lik-eh): good fortune or happiness

Open Wednesday to Sunday 9am to 3pm, the Milk Shed Cafe offers a fresh, seasonal menu of hot and cold food, speciality locally-roasted coffee and a range of teas and fresh pastries. There is also a Scandi Pantry offering a range of Scandinavian food and homewares to take away and enjoy between visits.

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